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Facial treatments

Your beauty needs our support!
We can help you rediscover your beauty. Receive new compliments. Recover your facial harmony and balance out your features. Everything is so simple with us! Because you can say goodbye to your insecurities and your wrinkles, the marks of your wisdom and past experiences will be a thing of the past. Here, at the Yiara Clinic, our specialists work at the highest safety levels using the latest equipment and techniques. And the results are excellent: your face, more harmonious than ever before, will be pampered with the help of revolutionary procedures, with no surgical operations.

Body treatments

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she feels like she needs to step in and stop the inherent changes that the body is suffering. No one said that a woman’s life is a fairytale trip where she glides on butterfly wings. There are thresholds, traps, obstacles, wrong diets, years of inactivity, hours of stress, all collected in a magical bag that we would like to forget about in some corner of our souls.

The magician with a magic wand is the esthetician that can erase all the marks left by time on our faces and bodies forever, using technical procedures. The magician is a sculptor and intervenes where necessary, in all areas of the body where the elimination of fat deposits or adipose tissue, the elimination of cellulite or the toning of the muscles and skin is required.

The Yiara clinic is the place where you can find the sculptor magician who knows what’s bothering you and how to help. His wand is hidden in the best medical equipment, such as CoolTech.

Because our passion is…restoring your beauty.

Permanent hair removal

Any woman’s dream is to be rid of her unwanted body hair forever. After so many years of stoically bearing all sorts of hair removal techniques, the time has come to make a radical decision: permanent hair removal.

The good news is that, at the Yiara Clinic, this procedure is performed with high performance devices using the Laser Diode method.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments for cosmetic procedures are the most efficient and fast remedies that exist.

We want to have the medical equipment with the best performance, backed up by clinical studies, and this guarantees that our services are safe. The laser treatments are performed by the medical team consisting in dermatologists and plastic and reconstructive surgeons. All we want is to have satisfied customers, that recommend us to others due to our professionalism, service quality and convenient prices

Whether you want to have a firmer and rejuvenated complexion, you want to remove tattoos, you want to get rid of acne, scars, stretch marks, moles, we are at your disposal with the most efficient laser in the world. Our clinic is the only one in Romania that uses this laser.


You can have anything you want. Without health, it’s all worthless…

All health problems of the century that we live in are due to our diets. All the disorders that we are going to suffer from in the future are going to be caused by our dietary habits and nutritional imbalance.

It sounds pessimistic, but it’s the hard truth that we all need to be aware of.

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