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Body treatments

Every woman wants to be beautiful, to turn heads and, at the same time, to feel great about herself. Unfortunately, however, time leaves its mark on us and the inherent changes that our body goes through as we age affect us on all levels.

Moreover, the passing of time is not the only thing that contributes to our not feeling comfortable in our own skin. There are other factors that can affect our confidence through their effect on our bodies.

For example, a sedentary lifestyle, an inadequate diet and everyday stress are just a few of the main factors that can influence us both physically and emotionally, often without our being aware of it.

This, however, does not mean that the unappealing marks that our lifestyle and the passing of time have left on our appearance cannot be successfully addressed.

Solutions for body remodelling


There comes a time in every woman’s life when she feels like she needs to step in and stop the inherent changes that the body is going through.
No one said that a woman’s life is a fairytale trip where she glides on butterfly wings. There are milestones, traps, obstacles, wrong diets, years of inactivity, hours of stress, all collected in a magical bag that we would like to forget about in some corner of our souls.
That’s why the Yiara Clinic is providing you with the best body treatments and body remodeling procedures, all under the careful supervision of a…magician.

Our magician with a magic wand is not just a beautician specializing in body treatments, just like the Yiara Clinic is not just a body treatment salon. At Yiara, the magic is in the hands of the cosmetic surgeon who, through her practical and theoretical knowledge, can erase the marks that time has left on the face and body forever. Her exceptional work stands out through attention to detail and thoroughness – much like the work of a sculptor.

Thus, the magician works her magic wherever it’s needed – in any of the areas of the body where it’s necessary to eliminate the deposits of fat or adipose tissue or the layers of cellulite or to tone the muscles and skin.

The Yiara Clinic is the place where you can find the sculptor magician who knows what’s troubling you and which procedures can help. Her wand is hidden in the state of the art medical equipment, such as Velashape and CoolTech.

The most efficient body treatments

So, if you need body treatments, you know who to turn to: the Yiara Clinic – the place where you can find the sculptor magician who knows what’s bothering you and who will handle every part of your body gently so that you can achieve the desired results.

Accent Prime™

In order to have a beautiful and healthy body, it’s not always enough to have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle and exercise properly.

The passing of time leaves its mark on our bodies and brings with it two problems that are difficult to address: localized fat deposits in certain areas of the body and aged skin, that has lost its firmness and glow.

Accent Prime™ is a device designed especially in order to efficiently address these two problems. It allows us to perform customized facial and body treatments, meant to give you a beautifully modelled body, that will boost your confidence. These non-invasive treatments use two state of the art technologies: US and RF, that guarantee excellent, long-term results.

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The Velashape body remodelling treatment is a quick and efficient method of getting rid of cellulite, which is one of the most common problems nowadays, with over 90% of women suffering from it.

It seems that this condition cannot be treatment with physical exercise and dieting. Certain treatments that have proven to be efficient in the long term are necessary.

Unfortunately, this also affects us emotionally, because our self-esteem is lowered considerably due to cellulite.

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Another procedure that you can turn to is cryolipolysis, the most efficient non-invasive treatment for targeted weight loss. By using a controlled cooling system, incorporated into a vacuum system, this technology separates the fat cells and isolates them from the rest of the tissue, destroying them painlessly and for good using the cryolipolysis procedure.

By using the most efficient technologies in the magician’s magical kit, your body will be pampered and you will feel like a goddess! This way, you won’t have to worry about that unsightly orange peel appearance anymore!

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Regardless of our age, all of us want our skin to be as toned and firm as possible, so we should give our body the attention that it deserves!
So, if you’re looking for a salon that offers efficient body treatments that are carried out taking into account the specific needs of the targeted areas, the Yiara Clinic can offer you the most efficient solutions!

Give your body the care that it needs! Choose the body remodelling procedures performed by the doctors at the Yiara Clinic and get your confidence back!

Because our passion is…restoring your beauty!


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