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Nutrition means a responsible diet.

The time has come to make a decision with a colossal impact on your health: an honest discussion at our clinic with an experienced nutritionist who will become a true secret advisor in terms of your dietary habits and who will help you restore the balance that you’ve lost in the midst of the day to day stress and agitation.

The focus will be on which foods are metabolized quickly by the body and which are metabolized slowly, which supplements are recommended and which lifestyle strategies need to be adopted.

Let us help you!

Nutritional deficiencies and digestive disorders are just a few of the problems behind your chronic fatigue and total lack of energy and tone.

When your body feels good, all the functions are working at maximum capacity. That’s why you need a physician with experience in metabolic problems, who can create an action plan for you and give you the motivation that you need in order to establish and maintain positive changes in the long term.

This is why your diet needs to be assessed, your lifestyle needs to be closely related to your nutritional needs, your food preferences need to be balanced and, last but not least, a climate of trust and willpower needs to be established.


Dietary education is acquired

During the first consultation, we are going to review your medical history, dietary habits and lifestyle.

Here, at the Yiara Clinic, we use the most recent studies and assessments in order to discover possible imbalances. We closely analyze food sensitivities, nutritional and hormonal deficiencies in order to get an overview of what is happening inside.

We use the assessment findings to create a unique, customized program.

The nutrition consultations take place once a week, based on the schedule that we agree on, monitoring can be ensured on demand for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, as well as for women who have given birth and want to get back to their weight from before the pregnancy.

Among the most vulnerable to nutritional imbalances are children and teenagers.

Because we are interested in health, we have programs dedicated to teenagers with nutrition problems.

Maintaining your weight is the most important stage after undergoing a customized nutrition program. After reaching your target weight, the greatest challenge is maintaining it in the long term. This is where we come in, with optimum solutions and consultations based on the latest international studies.