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Tratament laser non ablativ


laser rejuvenare faciala harmony xl pro


Skin rejuvenation and revitalization treatment


Clearlift is a highly performant laser that is able to penetrate the skin pigment in order to solve:

• pigmented spots
• melasma
• sunspots
• freckles
Clearlift  is able to treat several skin layers, so it can treat aging spots that appear deep into the skin, as well as face pigmentation in that appears at the surface of the face. 


Eliminates wrinkles and sagging skin using the most modern medical technologies
(part of the Harmony XL PRO laser platform)

With the passage of time and the appearance of the unavoidable wrinkles and fine lines, each of us looks for anti-aging treatments to maintain the youthful appearance of our skin. Sagging, toneless skin is one of the most frequent problems that we experience. At the moment, in terms of skin tightening, the solution is the Harmony XL Pro laser platform. The efficient treatment for skin that has lost its firmness acts like a face lift without a scalpel. What does it do?! It rejuvenates and beautifies skin, it ensures revitalization, regeneration, that ”skin tightening” that you’ve heard about, with no PAIN, no recovery period, no negative side effects, and the effect is quick and visible!

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tratament laser rejuvenare faciala
tratament laser rejuvenare faciala
tratament laser rejuvenare faciala

Harmony XL PRO

 Harmony XL PRO is a laser platform with 7 treatment handpieces that the physician changes based on the patient’s problem. Thus, it can be used for facial rejuvenation and skin tightening, it’s an efficient treatment for acne and acne scars, it eliminates vascular lesions (couperose, rosacea or those unsightly veins on your face or legs), it removes tattoos, eliminates axillary sweating (hyperhidrosis), evens out skin color. This medical equipment is only used by physicians and is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The most important details that you need to know about Clear Lift if you want to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, uneven skin color, toneless skin and tattoos:

Purpose of the treatment: facial rejuvenation (removal of wrinkles, fine lines), neck rejuvenation, hand rejuvenation, eye rejuvenation, skin tightening (lifting effect)

How it works: using the power of the Q switch 1064 nm fractional non-ablative laser. This superior laser technology emits energy into the deep layers of the skin. This energy pierces microscopic holes, thus forcing the production of collagen and elastin. This all happens with no pain, no discomfort and no adverse reactions.

How many sessions are needed: at least 4 sessions at an interval of 2-3 weeks

Anesthesia: not applicable

Pain level: not applicable

How long does a session last: it can last between 30 and 60 minutes

Recovery period: not applicable 


 Benefits of Clear Lift:


• Before starting the Clear Lift therapy, you will be examined by the dermatologist, who will establish the treatment protocol.
• The treatment will be carried out by a medical specialist.
• Clear Lift remodels skin, restoring its youthful appearance and even color. In addition, it prevents the appearance of the signs of aging.
• The treatment is appropriate for all skin types and has no adverse effects.
• Clear Lift is part of the Harmony XL PRO laser platform, known throughout the world for treatments that place the patient’s health and safety first.


DISCLAIMER: The results can vary from one person to the next, depending on age, sex, basal metabolic rate, family history, lifestyle and physical activity. All the treatments performed using the Clear Lift laser are carried out by a trained physician and customized based on the individual requirements in order to ensure the best possible results.