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Laser permanent hair removal

epilare definitiva cu laser

Do you want velvety skin?


Unwanted hair is one of the esthetic problems that do not allow us to feel comfortable in many situations. Thus, in the past, women have looked for solutions to this problem, trying various hair removal methods. However, as it turned out, these methods only solved the problem for a little while.

But now that technology has evolved so much, especially in the last few years, thankfully, today we can have access to laser permanent hair removal, one of the techniques most extensively used by women throughout the world.

epilare definitiva laser dioda

How the Elysion Pro Laser Diode works:

Here, at the Yiara Clinic, you will find the most efficient permanent hair removal system called ELYSION, a device that removes hair observing the highest standards and at the highest safety levels.

Due to its high accuracy and impulses, ELYSION achieves extraordinary results on any area of the body, significantly reducing the treatment duration. Permanent hair removal is a safe and pleasant procedure that can help you get the optimum results that you’ve always wanted.

The melanin pigments found in the hair follicles will absorb the laser’s radiation, that will turn into heat. The temperature at the root of the hair will reach around 60-70 degrees.

This procedure entails the destruction of the hair follicle during the growth phase, while also protecting the other tissues. After the permanent hair removal sessions, the hairs will fall off immediately and the follicle growth process will be blocked, so that they won’t regenerate. Thus, unwanted hair will be a thing of the past.

Maximum profitability!

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin located in the hair follicle.

The high power and repetition rate guarantee the elimination of over 60% of the hair in the very first session. And because the device has various programs, the dynamic mode is even appropriate for men with a high follicular density.

Visible results after the first session

The Yiara clinic specialists recommend that exposure to the sun or artificial tanning be avoided for a few days after each hair removal session. After the first session, the hairs will fall in approximately 2 weeks, which is why a mild gommage of the treated area is recommended.


The ELYSION laser can be used to treat any part of the body, no matter how delicate it is (face, breasts, underarm, inguinal area) and it has a guaranteed effect on folliculitis, while also preventing ingrown hairs.

The ELYSION laser is an efficient tool that can treat any part of the body, no matter how delicate it is (face, breasts, underarm, inguinal area). Actually, the only areas where this procedure is not recommended are the eyelids and eyebrows.

In addition, it has a guaranteed effect on folliculitis, while also preventing ingrown hairs. Unlike other devices on the market, the ELYSION laser removes hair permanently, efficiently and safely, by delivering an impulse that diffuses energy uniformly each time it is used.

The handpiece is equipped with a cooling system that is necessary in order to reduce the temperature generated by the laser beam at the level of the skin. This unique system maintains a constant temperature of 6 degrees Celsius at the tip of the handpiece, regardless of the duration of the treatment.

The procedure is painless. Moreover, the feeling at the level of the skin is extremely pleasant.

The price of this treatment is extremely convenient – compared to other permanent hair removal technologies, that require more sessions. In addition, beauty parlors can sometimes charge high prices, while only offering short-term results!

Therefore, permanent hair removal should not be considered an expense, but an investment in your looks! By choosing laser permanent hair removal, you will be rid of the drudgery of painful hair removal and save time and money!

Recommendations with regard to permanent hair removal

The permanent hair removal using the ELYSION laser is carried out at an 8-week interval and specialists recommend at least 6 sessions.

It’s not recommended to expose the skin to the sun or to artificial tanning for one week before and after the permanent hair removal session.

Before the first session, you should wait until at least 3 weeks have passed since your last hair removal through plucking.

Throughout this treatment, the hair should only be removed by shaving, since the hair follicles never grow at the same time. They are subject to a cyclical process, with alternating active and resting phases.

For velvety, luminous skin, choose the permanent hair removal procedure offered by Yiara!

DISCLAIMER: The results can vary from one person to the next, depending on age, sex, basal metabolic rate, family history, lifestyle and physical activity. All the treatments performed in the clinic, as well as the post-care treatments, are suggested by a professional therapist trained for this purpose and customized based on the individual requirements in order to ensure the best possible results.