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Professional facial treatments

Let’s face it: a woman’s life isn’t easy. In addition to the worries and stress that we have to deal with day after day, the simple fact that we have a double mission – on the one hand, a social one and, on the other hand, that of being a wife and mother – makes time less kindly disposed towards our beauty.

And regardless of how well you take care of your skin and complexion, the signs of aging start to become more or less visible.

The tissues of our faces are unique, just like us. That’s why even a perfect skin care routine might not yield the results that we want, which sometimes makes us feel helpless when faced with the dynamics of everyday life and the unforgiving nature of time. So, however much we would like to believe in fairy tales, the elixir of youth is just a nice ideal that we dream about when we’re children.

But this doesn’t mean that that’s how things need to stay and that you can’t fight the signs of aging. In fact, your beauty just needs our support! We can help you rediscover your beauty. Get compliments again. Restore your facial harmony and balance out your features.

Everything is so simple with us! Because you can say goodbye to your insecurities and your wrinkles, the marks of your wisdom and past experiences will be a thing of the past. Here, at the Yiara Clinic, our specialists work at the highest safety levels using the latest equipment and techniques. And the results are excellent: your face, more harmonious than ever before, will be pampered with the help of revolutionary procedures, with no surgical operations.

Facial cosmetic procedures – the best solution to restore the beauty of your face

Regardless of the problems that you’re facing, here, at the Yiara Clinic, we have the right facial treatments for your neeeds, so that you can glow again. The professional facial treatments at the Yiara Clinic are carried out by qualified medical staff, that uses all of its skill, backed up by a wealth of experience, to turn your beauty into a defining feature of your personality.

There is a close connection between how we look and our confidence and general state of mind. This is why you don’t have to see beauty as an investment, but as something that you deserve.
The Yiara Clinic provides you with professional facial treatments and facial cosmetic procedures not just so you can improve your physical appearance, but to make you feel really beautiful. The passing of time is irreversible, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes overshadow your beauty.

As we age, our lives change on all levels. As we gain experience and wisdom, the signs of our innocence or ignorance are etched into our skin. Maybe your teenage years were tough, what with all the hormones, maybe you didn’t know how to fully protect yourself from the sun and the dust or maybe life was just hard on you, so that the marks of fatigue and tears hidden from the world built up in your soul and on your face.

And it’s not just about you, it’s about your entire body! As we age, the hyaluronic acid content of the skin decreases and this affects how your complexion retains water in the tissues. In addition, as we age, the sebaceous glands become less active and our complexion becomes drier. These elements cause the contour of the face to change and our features to harden. The number of blood vessels in the skin of the face becomes lower, which affects the colour, tone and glow of the skin. In addition, gravity affects the facial muscles, giving the face a generally unappealing appearance.

Professional facial treatments with guaranteed effects


The Yiara Clinic can help you address these problems using the latest facial treatments offered by us.
Hyaluronic acid is one of our main allies when fighting aging. It adds volume where it’s needed, while also making the face glow.

Hyaluronic acid procedures significantly diminish the effects of aging, restoring the texture of the complexion and reducing fine lines, as well as intensely hydrating the epithelial tissue of the face.
You will also find botulinum toxin treatments (better known as Botox) in our offer. These can help rejuvenate your face by reversibly blocking the nerve impulses at the level of the facial muscles. In addition, we also offer PRP treatments, that gradually improve the texture of the skin, and especially help with eliminating acne scars.

The Yiara Clinic also offers the HydraFacial treatment, that eliminates fine lines, wrinkles and clogged pores. The HydraFacial serums treat acne, hyperpigmentation and any spots on the face so that you can feel beautiful again.

These are just a few examples of treatments that the Yiara Clinic team offers in order to restore your beauty. If you really want to feel beautiful, come to our clinic, because our mission is your beauty!


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