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Facial treatments

Botox treatments

For a perfect face: BOTOX 


Wrinkle correction using botulinum toxin is an important weapon in the fight against the passage of time, since it slows down the natural aging process.

The years leave a visible mark on our face. The texture of the skin changes and it loses some of its erstwhile suppleness.



We’ll take 10 years off your face

Botox is the perfect solution to make your skin look younger and to restore the tone of your face and cleavage.

And because we know how to enjoy life wholeheartedly, we laugh, we smile, or we express our happiness through various facial movements. That’s how we get dynamic wrinkles, caused by the muscles under the skin, but we must not forget that, with every frown, wrinkles literally dig into our skin.

By injecting the botulinum toxin, we can reversibly block the nerve impulses at the level of the facial muscles that are responsible for expression lines.

By simply injecting Botox, these muscles relax, the skin becomes smooth, and your face looks younger.

In Romania, the only product based on botulinum toxin approved by the Ministry of Health is Vistabel®/Botox® designed especially for treating wrinkles.

Botox/Vistabel is a treatment focused on wrinkle correction.

After the injection is administered, the results are visible within a few days, and the wrinkles fade in approximately one week. The effects of Botox are fabulous, the appearance is pleasant, natural, youthful and serene.

It’s recommended for deep, dynamic wrinkles that are already visible in the composition of the face.

The treatment is simple and consists in punctures at the level of the muscles responsible for expressive movements and is performed using an extremely fine needle.