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The secret of Hollywood divas


This is the facial treatment used by all the Hollywood celebrities.

From Eva Longoria to Madonna, from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez, INTRACEUTICALS is the facial treatment used by the most exclusive clinics and beauty parlors in the entire world.

If you want an ultra-high-performance alternative to invasive treatments based on hyaluronic acid, INTRACEUTICALS is the answer that all the specialists in this field will give you.


Using an ultra-high-performance device that produces hyperbaric oxygen, substances vital for maintaining the youthfulness of the dermis are introduced into the deep layers of the skin: hyaluronic acid, an active vitamin complex (A, C, E), antioxidants (aloe vera and green tea). Once these substances have been introduced into the dermis, they will act from inside out.

The INTRACEUTICALS system treats: wrinkles and skin degradation caused by aging, acne, pigmented spots, dark circles under the eyes, the skin’s elasticity and volume. The spectacular results are obtained after a full 6-session package.

Facial rejuvenation

For a truly efficient treatment against wrinkles and fine lines, INTRACEUTICALS is like a magic touch.

The hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the skin and the Rejuvenate hydrating gel with hyaluronic acid offers a nutrient reserve for all the layers of the skin. In the end, a binding cream is used for deep hydration.

Quick and efficient treatment against acne

After a single session, the skin is cleaned, soothed and cleared up. Acne is reduced and the bacteria inundating the pores are destroyed, while the active substances ensure moisture balance in order to prevent further eruptions..

TDensity restructuring treatment

This treatment is like an infusion of youthfulness for your complexion. OPULENCE soothes, relaxes and is recommended for all skin types. After the first session, the skin will look visibly younger, glowing and more luminous.

The skin’s uneven appearance is balanced out, the skin feels hydrated, rejuvenated, radiant and fresh.

Treatment against expression lines

After a single infusion, expression lines are visibly relaxed, but to get maximum benefits you need at least 6 weekly sessions. The final results are amazing: visible reduction of expression lines, firmer facial contour, better eye definition, rounder lips, that recover the voluptuousness that they lost with age.


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