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Facial treatments



Using a special technique and with great skill, the specialists from the Yiara clinic manage to touch-up your facial features, thus enhancing your natural beauty.

Redefining beauty
Micropigmentation refers to redrawing the main lines that make up the facial features and more with the use of organic pigments. Thus, the contour of the desired area is recreated with the help of very thin points. The areas most often targeted are the eyebrows, lip contour, breast areola or parts of the scalp.


All women want diva eyebrows

Eyebrows are very important to our harmonious facial features. When they are correctly plucked and delimited, the result is a luminous, confident look. This technique is addressed to people with fewer eyebrow hairs, who lack a nicely defined line.

The Yiara specialists – artisans of feminine beauty


These facial touch-ups need to be carried out by specialists, taking into account your facial features, showcasing them, enhancing them, while observing the anatomical particularities. Genetically inherited traits will not be aggressively altered. However, our skin is constantly changing starting with birth and its layers are always regenerating. Micropigmentation addresses these transformations and the substance used for small touch-ups is organic, so that there is no risk of allergies or rejection.