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Facial treatments

Photorejuvenation SPL

The healing power of I.P.L. light 

using the Alma Lasers Harmony XL Pro platform

A revolutionary non-laser device with amazing results in terms of the restoration of cutaneous tissue.

This procedure’s effects are much deeper and last much longer than any cream, massage, dermabrasion or chemical peel.

The treatment intensifies intracellular metabolism and has a strong rejuvenating effect on the face and positive effects on the marks left on your face by the sun and is called




IPL Dye VL pigmented spots before and after

The highest level of treatment


Photorejuvenation using the IPL Harmony XL Pro from Alma Lasers is a minimum risk therapy using pulsed light, with no side effects, but with spectacular rejuvenating results. For your complexion, it’s like a burst of energy for the lazy cells that are no longer producing the amount of elastin and collagen that is necessary for an enviable complexion.


The treatment with IPL Harmony XL Pro from Alma Lasers treats pigmented spots (brown spots on your face) and superficial blood vessels (superficial veins, the medical designation of which is vascular lesions) and more. These problems are resolved efficiently using this medical equipment approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).


Purpose of the treatment

The Dye-VL module of the Harmony XL PRO laser platform is a state-of-the-art system using Advanced Fluorescent Technology (an advanced form of the intense pulsed light – IPL – technology patented by Alma Lasers). This is the first truly efficient method of eliminating vascular lesions. In addition, it’s important to know that a treatment for couperose or rosacea is more efficient than any skincare program based on creams.

What it treats:

Depigmentation (sun spots, age spots)
Broken capillaries at the level of the face
Diffuse spots
Enlarged pores

How many sessions are necessary: the results can vary from one patient to the next

Anesthesia: not applicable

Pain level: not applicable. The module’s cooling handpiece protects the skin and reduces pain.

How many procedures are necessary?

We recommend at least 3 sessions, but up to 6 sessions, with an interval of 2-3 weeks between them. The patient assessment shall be carried out together with the dermatologist treating problems such as the ones mentioned above: sun spots or age spots, couperose, the superficial blood vessels at the level of the face or body (legs), freckles.

 Recovery period: Not applicable for this procedure

 Advantages of DYE-VL:

·        Before starting the DYE-VL therapy, you will be examined by the dermatologist, who will establish the treatment protocol.

·        The treatment is performed by a medical specialist.

·        DYE-VL offers remarkable results, treating pigmented lesions without destroying the skin surface tissue.

·        The treatment is appropriate for all skin types, it has no side effects.

·        The results are maintained for a long time.

·        DYE-VL is part of the Harmony XL PRO laser platform, known throughout the world for treatments that place the patient’s health and safety first.

How is a procedure performed?

The stages of the treatment procedure for pigmented lesions and vascular lesions are carried out as follows:

1. the area that is going to be treated is cleaned and disinfected

2. the dermatologist sets the intensity that is going to be used during the procedure. Before the procedure, if the physician considers it necessary, he/she can perform a test to see how the skin reacts. For the first procedure, lower intensities will be used, after which the intensity will be modified.

3. the treatment is performed ”in motion” on the flat areas and the static module can be used on areas with depressions. Safety goggles shall be worn for the entire duration of the treatment.

4. The procedure’s duration will differ depending on the indication. In the end, a cream with a protection factor will be applied in order to avoid the risk of the appearance of further hyperpigmentation (brown spots occurring because of the sun)



What should I expect after this treatment?

After the treatment, the area can become red and feel like you’ve been in the sun on a hot day, but it will fade in a few hours (24 hours at most). The spots will change color and become darker – this is a desirable reaction– and form scabs that will fall off within 2 weeks. In the case of vascular lesions (superficial veins), the area may become red – this is also a desirable reaction.



Throughout the treatment, cream with an SPF of 50 will be used. The procedure for pigmented spots is not recommended in the summer.