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Pixel RF

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Pixel RF

Fractional radiofrequency is a treatment of skin rejuvenation extremely efficient for improving skin quality, for all skin prototypes and that doesn’t have any restrictions or side effects.

    Fractional radiofrequency technology is a fractional ablative technology unique to Alma Lasers that effects Nitrogen ions presents in the air, creating a controlled spark that penetrates the skin surface and leaves a crater up to several hundred microns deep surrounded by thermal damage.

    With microplasma (ablative RF ), it is possible to obtain unprecedented treatment control via an array of microplasma tips, as well as the ability to control the strength of the plasma spark without changing the power settings.

    Interchangeable tips allow doctor to customize treatment for each scar type or indication by controlling the amount of energy delivered as well as the precise depth of treatment.

    This is fractional ablative skin resurfacing treatment designed to improve the overall texture, tone and radiance of the skin while also restoring its elasticity. Using RF technology, we reducing the appearance of fine lines (wrinkles), superficial pigmentation and scars, shrinking pore size, eliminating blackheads, acne scars, stretch marks.

    These microplasma sparks create controlled thermal damage in the uppermost layers of the skin, triggering a natural healing process that stimulates cell renewal and the formation of healthy new collagen in the dermis and epidermis.

    How we do the procedure?

    We apply local anaesthesia for about 30-40 minutes and after this we proceed with 2 radiofrequency passes.

    What to expect immediately after?

    In the next 24 hours the skin will be inflamed but this normal skin reaction will disappear shortly.

    DISCLAIMER: The results can vary from one person to the next, depending on age, sex, basal metabolic rate, medical history, family history, lifestyle and physical activity. All the performed and post-care treatments are suggested by a professional trained therapist from our clinic and customized based on the individual requirements in order to ensure the best possible results. We would like to mention that each person has their own pain threshold and may experience the treatment differently. This means that there are persons who don’t feel anything and persons who may experience discomfort. Ecchymoses (bruising) may also occur after the procedure, but this is not certain, since each body reacts differently.