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Facial treatments



All types of wrinkles can be corrected using the PLEXR technology.

PLEXR is a mobile device that produces plasma in a specific way, with the following effects:

The PlexR® plasma treatment rejuvenates the skin for a long time, with a minimum risk.

Keloid scars and hypertrophic scars are removed through sublimation. The atrophic scar hardening effect is reduced, partially, to the point of invisibility.



  • Principle of operation: plasma
  • Completely wireless, practical and ergonomic device
  • Set of three handpieces with three different powers
  • Release of a constant output signal calibrated and adjusted in order to avoid damage to the subcutaneous tissue (non-invasive)
  • There is no current leakage to the patient
  • An innovative loading system with automatic wireless control of the battery level
  • Long-lasting battery, reliable system with a lit load level control
  • Portable loading station, with a battery that is easy to handle and with a long autonomy
  • Exclusive, patented principle of operation


Using the PlexR® method, all tattoos and permanent makeup can be removed safely and efficiently.
PlexR® can treat acne located anywhere. After a few sessions, usually 3-4 at intervals of at least 4 weeks, very good long-term results can be achieved.
Excellent eyelid correction results.