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Facial treatments


terapia vampir

The famous VAMPIRE therapy


TPRP Therapy is the process of injecting the patient with their own plasma and platelets. The effects on the wrinkles at the level of the face, neck and cleavage and on scars are spectacular.

This therapy is minimally invasive and does not last more than 40 minutes.

10 ml of blood are sampled and placed inside a special centrifuge for a few minutes, during which time the plasma and platelets will be separated from the rest of the elements of the blood.

  • Afterwards, they shall be injected in the face or the targeted area through small, painless punctures.
  • The results are gradual, with a progressive improvement in skin texture.
  • 3-4 sessions in the course of 3-4 weeks are recommended and the results last 6-10 months.
  • This procedure’s benefits are extraordinary. The substances introduced into the skin come from the patient’s own blood, thus eliminating the risk of rejection, allergies, infections, granulomas..
  • The therapy has beneficial effects on acne scars.
  • It’s a lifting and rejuvenation treatment, ideal for tissue hydration and regeneration, while also improving skin texture.