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Yiara clinic has a new objective well documented meted of skin analysis for selecting the best treatment that your skin needs.
With the help of Visia you can achieve the vision of a healthier younger more beautiful skin.

What is so special about Visia?

This machine allow us to make standard repeatable imagines that allows complete analysis of the skin. Visia can detected spots, wrinkles and fine lines, dilated pores, photo ageing, red spots or inflammation. You will receive personalized treatment. It is not painful, simple to make. It only takes minutes to take pictures of the patients using standardised light cross polarizated and UV light3.

A computerised camera will scan your skin in predefined positions obtaining frontal and lateral pictures. Using of database of thousands patients can determinate the real age of your skin. With obtained pictures of the beginning and end of any aesthetic treatment we can underline the true benefit effect of each procedure.